Dama del Rovere” was born with 2003-vintage in Brognoligo di Monteforte d’Alpone, a historical Soave Classico zone in the province of Verona. Its name comes from the small Statue of the Madonna that lies in an oak-tree in Tremenalto area where we own 4 vineyard-hectares.

The holders Massimo, Wine Expert of San Michele all’Adige, and Davide, are supported by their father and grandfather’s experience, by the knowledge of the Agronomist Gabriele Posenato and by the Wine Expert Giampaolo Chiettini.

Not far from the village of Soave in Tremenalto cru, lie the vineyards of Garganega. From these grapes we produce the Soave Tremenalto, Redavide the Recioto di Soave DOCG and IGT Veneto Spinaje only Garganega grapes.

The particular East/North-east exposure of vineyards together with the deep and fertile soil of volcanic origin gives many peculiarities to wines: the taste is full-bodied, sapid and with a trace of bitter almonds; the bouquet reminds of fine and strong fragrances. In the vineyards all the agronomic practices are performed by hand, giving highest importance to the health of our territory and our grapes

Soave wines are produced exclusively from the “Garganega” grapes, which are generous, versatile and native to Soave zone. The vine training system is represented by the “pergoletta semplice trentina” that promotes the high-quality-wines production. It permits, moreover, to restrain the production between 75 and 100 quintals/Ha. Vines are 10-76 years old with a plant-density of 3570 vines/Ha (3,50 m x 0,80 m).The harvest is exclusively handmade.

Durello sparkling wines are produced exclusively from the “Durella” grapes, native to Brenton, on Monti Lessini zone, at an altitude of up to 500 meters above sea level

The wine cellar of wine-making and aging lies few km far from the head office, in Brenton di Roncà, at an altitude of up to 450 meters above sea level. In the cellar we pay attention to wine-making using very modern technology. We respect, however, the grapes-naturalness and authenticity. In this way we can mix tradition, culture and science to have typical and high-quality products of Soave and Durello zone.